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The Fat Collector

Started out a little slow, but kept building. Grand a hold and kept me wanting more. Can not wait for the next one.!!

Do the ageless live forever?
In pursuit of an old friend, wanderer Vince Vigo stumbles upon Snow Peak, a small mountain village. When villagers start to go missing, Vince must convince the others that Saul Shepherd, once his best friend, is an extremely dangerous foe. Delving deep into his childhood, Vince explores memories of his complex relationship with Saul, and recalls the mysterious man who changed both of their lives forever. After 200 years, Vince must finally confront Saul. But can he bring himself to kill his only friend?

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For Frances Oneson 🙂
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Ch01 The Rat Collector

Ch02 The Rat Collector

Ch03 The Rat Collector

Ch04 The Rat Collector

Ch05 The Rat Collector

Ch06 The Rat Collector

Ch07 The Rat Collector

Ch08 The Rat Collector