The Religious Life of Robert E

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An excellent, judicious, and even-handed look at the progression of the old Virginian, Anglican faith of Robert E. Lee. Cox's account is nuanced and compelling enough to be read as a biography offering a new look to an understudied aspect of Lee's life: his faith.

Cox's running thesis seems to be that Lee was an amalgamation of his mother's evangelicalism and his father's rationalist, latitudinarianist approach to faith. Thus Lee exhibits, throughout his life, an interesting mix of virtue, duty, piety, and resignation to the absolute will of God. These helped Lee both decide to side with Virginia and the South as well as accept defeat and work towards restoration and reconciliation. Highlights of the book to me were Cox's discussion of Lee's views on race and slavery and how they were related to his faith, and how they developed through his life.

The author's handling of the primary sources is impressive, as Lee's lifetime of letters supplied an abundant source. All in all, highly recommend to anyone interested in Theology, American History, and the relationship between them.

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