the screwtape letters

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It's great to read fiction that gives you a punch in a gut! It's not often a book will hold up a mirror to you and show you some things you'd rather not see. The Screwtape Letters was that book for me.

Every Christian needs to get a hold of this book and read it through! It's helped me gain a deep understanding of how the forces of darkness try to undermine joy and truth. I'd especially recommend it to readers new to C.S. Lewis, as this is a good sample of his writing and a good place to start from when reading his work.

One of the great things about C.S. Lewis is that, having not been born into the church, he comes with a gritty, logical look into Christianity and how the world operates, having been deeply entrenched in it himself. He understands where people are coming from and brings to light a lot of the contradictions people tend to say about the church (and intellectuals for that matter).

Personally, I took away a number of lessons from the book, including some understanding about what it means to be charitable and caring towards my family and friends instead of doing things purely out of some spiritual pride (aka holier than thou philosophy) -- what an eye opener! In a good way though.

One of the best points he makes is that the "Father Below's" main goal is to keep your from thinking for yourself, to go along with the crowd and to do what "the smart, the pretty, the bold and the powerful" say you should do instead of being an individual. What a powerful (and relevant) statement for today's culture!

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