The Second Book of Crystal Spells More Magical Uses for Stones, Crystals, Minerals.

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"Crystals, like other magical tools, have the power that we give them. They are a tangible symbol of our intent, our goals , and our wishes. Be mindful of this and don't forget about them. Pay attention."

As a person very familiar with alternative healing, Wiccan practice and Llewellyn Publishers, I was happy to see this book and overjoyed to be able to review it. However, books of this sort are extremely hard to review as they are more reference and review for practitioners over "how do I do this spell".

Starting with the most abundant crystal: salt, Grant moves to crystals with one, two and multiple points. She also touches on gemstones whether pointed or not. There are numerous definitions and "if you need this...use that" informational sections. The quote above is actually the opening of the final chapter. Anyone who works with crystals as a healer, a Wiccan, a Shaman, or even a jeweler knows how powerful Mother Earth is so why shouldn't her gifts charge the stones we use, and in turn, they should be cleansed and respected.

This book proves that Llewellyn Publishers continue their leadership in this field. I own many of their works, and am happy to add this to my library

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