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Chronicles of Kali is a mytho-fantasy book. It's a story of Kali who is the embodiment of Goddess Kali in this book. Enlightened soul Vyas finds Kali floating in the Ganga. Kali had some special powers which makes this story an interesting read. Through this book Author has tried to give a really good message to readers about their thoughts and mental chatter that doesnt allow them to be at peace with themselves. This mental chatter keeps their thoughts clouded and these negative thoghts grip their minds leading to disharmony. The Asurs have the secret to disturb the thought process of humans and in the story the protagonist tried to unearth that secret. The is an intriguing story and kept me hooked till the end. I especially got really curious to read more when Vyas asks Pat to come to his place for five days and everyday he narrated a different story and asked her questions. I just loved their interactions and just like Pat, I could not wait for the next day to arrive. I did not expect that this book would help me learn so much about human thought process. But this book is a must-read for everyone and not just mytho-fiction lovers.

The cover of the book is really creatively designed and the title is apt.

RATING : 5/5 Stars. Definitely recommended!

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