The Sociology Book (Big Ideas Simply Explained) by DK

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More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog DK is known for their beautifully laid out, highly graphic, yet extremely informative texts for all ages. With The Sociology Book, we have a book in an award-winning series (including religions, economics, politics, business, psychology, etc.) that makes a complex and difficult subject not only accessible but easy to understand. The book doesn't pander, lightly touch upon, or gloss over the subject; rather, the subject is broken down by sociologists through the ages and their viewpoints are explained. As such, this is an ideal book for teens and adults to really understand the topic of socoiology today, suitable for reading parts or the topic as a whole.

The book breaks down as follows: Introduction, Foundations of Sociology, Social Inequalities, Modern Living, Living in a Global World, Culture and Identity, Work and Consumerism, The Role of Institutions, Families and Intimacies, Directory, Glossary, Index. Within these sections, topics include: Science can be used to build a better world (August Comte), Gemeinshaft and gesselschaft (Ferdinand Tommies), The poor are excluded from the ordinary living patterns, customs, and activities of life (Peter Townsend), The freedom to remake our cities and ourselves (Henri Lefebvre), The modern world system (Immanuel Wallenstein), Culture is ordinary (Raymond Williams), The puritan wanted to work in a calling; we are forced to do so (Max Weber), The iron law of oligarchy (Robert Michels), Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature (Karl Marx), The time of the tribes (Michael Mafesoli).

As an example, a section entitled "Science Can Be Used To Build a Better World" by August Comte (1798-1857) will have a graphic image, a call out box with the focus of the statements and key dates, a bio of Comte, another callouts with related topics in the book and the pages on which they are found, a discussion of the theory, key works by the author, flow charts of how the theory evolved, quotes, graphical explanations of the theory, and art related to the era in which the topic was written. There are over 85 such sections in this book.

As can be seen above, this goes far beyond boring textbook with some random images. Readers can glance over topics to get an idea if they want to investigate further and get a sound feel for what is being presented within minutes - and then a thorough understanding for only a few minutes more invested in the words and graphics. As such, this is a great book both for those who learn from seeing the larger idea and then building upon the details and also those who like to start with small details and then build a larger picture.

The series is honestly phenomenal - all the books make very hard topics very easy to digest, understand, and explore. Very highly recommended as either a reference or great informative reading. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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