The Stolen Letter – Paige Shelton

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Delaney Nichols travelled from Kansas to Edinburgh, Scotland to work for wealthy, mysterious Edwin MacAlister at The Cracked Spine bookshop. She made fast friends with her landlords and fellow employees, and just married Pub owner, Tom Shannon, the love of her life.

The thrilling fifth installment of this outstanding cozy series has Delaney and her friends winding through the historical path of Mary, Queen of Scots, and a modern Mary look-a-like who believes she's the dead Queen reincarnated. When Mary's husband, Henry is allegedly murdered, the 'royal' mystery shifts into high gear and a captivating chase is on to figure it how the past could shape the present deadly happenings.

A second mystery winds between the lines; concerning the city council accusing Edwin that the shop building has code violations and the shop must close! Of course, the very idea causes mutiny between the employees and the city. It's Edwin's word against theirs unless he, Delaney, or Rosie can find the papers needed to prove Edwin's right, and the accusations are false.

Author Paige Shelton's writing is brilliant! She expertly lays the plot; the pacing is wonderful; I never felt lost or confused as to anything that was happening; and Ms. Shelton perfectly builds the tension through the final revealing scenes. I highly recommend this story!

I honestly reviewed a galley arc provided by the author. Thank you.

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