The Teenage Brain by Frances E

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A friend recommended this book and I'm so glad that she did. Yes, I knew that teenagers' brains developed slower than parents would like, but I didn't know how exactly and which parts developed first. After reading this book, I have a much better understanding of the development of the teenaged brain.
I liked the fact that she covered what is involved as a child becomes a teenager not only with the brain, but a bit about the hormonal changes, too. She then goes on to discuss learning; sleep; risk taking; drugs, alcohol and smoking; stress; mental illness; digital "invasions"; gender; and concussions. Each section was written so that the average parent could understand the importance of that section and gave ammunition to use in discussing why that particular section was important. I found the section on sleep to be really interesting and also the section on gender. The concussion section was one that I wish I wasn't familiar with, but was glad that she addressed it.
If you have teenagers or will have teenagers soon, you really should read this book.

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