The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible The Ultimate Guide to Living a Fully Optimized Life

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Testosterone is probably the single biggest factor impacting a man's health as he ages. Its power is far reaching. As such, testosterone intersects with and is interdependent on a multitude of factors such as other hormones, nutrition, lifestyle, our environment, and one's own genetic makeup. The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible explains all of this in a concise and simple manner.
This book synthesizes a mountain of comprehensive scientific data, experience, and thought provoking insights into an easily understood and reader-friendly format. Moreover, Jay and Jim provide an immediate applicable roadmap to live optimally.
Clearly, this book is a result of countless hours of research and interviews with progressive leaders in the flied of testosterone therapy as well as a passionate quest for living an optimized male life.
If you want to obtain maintain strength and vitality in the years to come, get this book and put it into action

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