the three kingdoms

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Never a dull moment in this series, and Drowned Wednesday is no exception. As per usual, we pick up with Arthur about where we left off: home, injured, hospitalized. But this time it's not disaster or trouble that brings him back to the House, it's an invitation to dine with Drowned Wednesday, the next of the Morrow Days. Unsure how the "arranged" transportation is going to reach him, Arthur waits and counts the minutes as they pass by. Unfortunately his friend Leaf stops by to visit and is still there when his ride arrives.

This is probably the most action-packed of the series so far, though they've all been adventurous. Here we meet pirates, a whale larger than I can quite get my imagination around, the Raised Rats, and more. And not only does Arthur need to get to Drowned Wednesday, and find the third part of the Will, he also has to find and save Leaf, who was picked up by the ship meant for him, as he was left behind.

And for a change from the usual, we don't get the nice clean ending where we know we'll pick up next time. Arthur is of course set to go home and check up on things...and yet his parents are already talking to him.

I'm glad I checked beforehand and know that Sir Thursday is due out in March. I'll be eagerly awaiting!

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