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Amazing. This book is a compilation of gems and jewels from iconic and world-class achievers.
There is soooo much wisdom to digest and absorb.

This book is the result of Tim Ferris Show podcast in which he interviews with ultra-successful figures. The material is divided in three section: Health, Wealth, and Happiness after Benjamin Franklin's famous quote:Early to bed, early to rise, keeps a man healthy, wealthy and wise.I strongly recommend this book to anyone. Not every page are gonna be useful o the everyone. This book, however, must be looked like a mountain of jewels from which you have to carve out the gems that resonate with you the most.

I am so happy to have read it. I feel like there is a huge weight (of wisdom) on my shoulders which compels me to actively engage with them, digest them, absorb them and incorporate them into my daily life.
Happy thriving

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