The Umbrella

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If you:

A) hate comic books

B) love comic book

C) feel indifferent about comic books

D) have never picked up a comic book in your life


This is one of the greatest comic books ever written, drawn, inked, etc. I hate to oversell it, but it's totally true. A group of kids, adopted by a scientist, time-traveling, killing for the good of mankind and having all of the dysfunctional problems kids have. In this installment, we jump back and forth between their childhoods and their adults lives, slowly putting pieces together, and are never given the whole story. Which makes this trade (and the 2nd trade known as "Dallas") impossible to put down.

Backstory: Gerard Way of MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE (yes, the crappy band that you've never given a chance, that the kids are always talking about) knows the comic genre, and has created one that redefines the genre. Artwork by Gabriel Ba is phenomenal (for those who know of Mike Mignola's style, this will remind you of it).

PICK THIS UP. If you hate it, I'LL refund you money.*

* offer not valid.

Оригинальная история об игре случая.
Хорошая серия книг для начинающих изучать английский язык (подростки и далее).

Harris Clare. The Umbrella

The Umbrella