the Upanishads

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This book first exposed me to the deep, Deep, DEEP wellspring of spirituality that is to be found in the Indian tradition. The concept of Atman and Brahman and the interchangeability was so in keeping with my person beliefs that the first reading left me shaken.

I am from the Bible belt where our preachers call Indians (and others) idolaters, polytheists, blasphemers and fuel for hellfire. But on reading the Upanishads one realizes that they are closer to monotheism than is Christianity with it's Trinity... All is One, there is only Brahman, indeed no other.

As the Rig Veda says - "Truth is One, the Wise merely refer to it in manifold ways."

The Upanishads are much more than religious texts. They are SPIRITUAL and urge the aspirant to look within his own heart for the answers and not to external sources, people, or rituals. There and there alone is it to be found, within your own self.

My favorite mahavakya - Tat tvam asi - Thou Art That. Favorite Upanishads of mine are the Kena, Mundaka, Brihadaranyaka, Katha.

To anyone with an open mind, a truth seeker - you cannot help but marvel at them. Very succinct and full of Ooooooh and Ah ha! moments! Highly recommended!

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