The Visual Handbook of Building and Remodeling (4E)

Review From User :

This is my favorite reference book for remodeling projects. It is kind of hard to describe the book because it's really unique. In short, it's a collection of loads of miscellaneous information needed to complete any aspect of a remodeling project.

Need to know the typical dimensions of counters, sinks, bedrooms, stairs, wheelchairs, or humans What about the average wind direction in your area at a particular time of year and how/what to plant to create the most effective windbreak Maximum spans for various types and dimensions of lumber Typical appliance wattages Would you like to know the color temperature of a coated metal halide bulb The names and dimensions of 40 types of cinder blocks It's all in there and more. I highly recommend this book to anyone working on a house. It's not the only source of information you need, but it's one you will consistently use throughout your project.

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