The Wild Child Secrets always find a way of revealing themselves

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Casey Watson always tells a good fostering story with care and attention to detail.

This is a short story, not many pages and my kindle told me it was just over a little 2 hours long.

Casey is approached to take in a little boy, Connor. He has been held at a special place for wayward children as he has known to attack people. His outrages come and go and no one knows how they are sparked off.

Its a big ask....
So she discusses this with her husband Mike, long suffering...
and the young permanent resident as this will affect both their weekend not just hers.

It was supposed to be just for a weekend until they can get something sorted and seeing Casey is experienced,plus they had no one else to ask....this left Casey on the spot.

With a big heart, as all foster parents have, she invites Connor into her home.

He doesn't seem that bad.

He looks young, fresh and innocent.

But he is nothing like this as we discover among the pages we read, this young boy is young in age but he knows more than he should.

Can Casey and Mike handle it over the weekend

Its one of their longest weekends .....ever.

My thanks to HarperCollins UK, Nonfiction via Net Galley for my copy. I have also bought the paperback so my daughter can read it.

Anyone who likes to read these foster/adoption/true life stories, this one is worth reading

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