The Wiley Handbook of Positive Clinical Psychology

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This is a gem of a book that successfully bridges the disciplines of positive psychology and traditional focus of clinical psychology on 'negative' phenomena.

The book is intended for a clinical practitioner, educating them as to why positive psychology approaches need to be integrated and what exactly they are in a therapeutic context. Written by leading experts in the field, the chapters summarize how integration is possible between say risk and resilience or between positive affect and negative affect or whether it even makes sense to talk in terms of these dichotomies or whether its better to consider them as bipolar poles on a continuum.

The chapters address both psycho-pathological processes as well as normal personality processes as applicable in therapeutic context and more specifically focuses on various therapies like PPT, WBT, ACT, Schema Therapy, QOLT etc and how they are leveraging both positive psychology and traditional psychology concepts .

Overall it was a very enriching experience reading this book- made me think deeply about certain things and I cannot recommend it more to either positive psychologists with an applied bent or clinical psychologists in general.

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