The Wonders Of Nature – Ben Hoare

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Heads up - I just made a YouTube Video - it's a little felting adventure, themed on the fabulous wonders of nature featured in this absolutely amazing children's book.

I honestly cannot recommend it enough!

This book celebrates some of the millions of living things that call it home, as well as the rocks, fossils and other natural marvels that make up our world. Ever just look around the world and want to know more More about the plants, animals, rocks, dirt

If you are anything like me, the answer is yes. A hundred times yes.

The Wonders of Nature is absolutely perfect for the curious kid (or adult). Our planet is a giant globe made from many different ingredients. This book meanders through rocks, minerals, single-celled organisms, plants and animals (and so much more!)

Each entry contains a description, illustration, gorgeous photography and a few fun/exciting facts. They might look like colorful candies, but these are tiny lifeforms called diatoms. As someone who absolutely loves learning about things (wild and crazy things), this book was truly...well...wonderful! Green algae are a huge group of organisms...the smaller green globes inside each golden volvox are babies My only regret

That this book was not longer.

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Happy Reading!

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