There There – Tommy Orange

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Update: I'm very happy to learn that Tommy Orange won the PEN/Hemingway award!!!
Congrats!!!n"There There" is an outstanding novel.

Update: Terrific pick!!!! 2018 National Book Award Longlist.... Fiction!!

5+++++ stars!!!!! Absolutely phenomenal!!!!!
"There There" is a non-stop pace story... COULD NOT PUT THIS DOWN....
The stories in here are gut wrenching *intimate* about dislocation-identify-violence -loss-hope-and power.
"We have been defined by everyone else and continue to be slandered despite easy-to-look-up-Internet-facts about realities of our histories and current state as a people".

The despair and beauty in Tommy Orange's debut novel entwined the history of a nation and indigenous community in Oakland, Calif.
Incredible characters.
Dialogue with feelings.

Warmth, pride, sediments for Oakland-raised Tommy Orange!
Congratulations to him!!!
He knocked the ball out of the park with this outstanding novel!!!!

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