These Ghosts Are Family – Maisy Card

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The family tree assignment we had to do in elementary/middle school ain't shit compared to These Ghost are Family. Here we have a book that portrays as one man's lies, betrayal, and infidelity but instead, you get caught in a whirlpool. Faking his death was only Abel's way of introducing us to a family lineage that holds secrets, migration, slavery, deception, and revenge. I haven't read something this brilliant in awhile. From the 1700s to this current year, Maisy Card has found a way to give us a feel of plantation life, Jamaican culture, and the truth that the apple doesn't fall that far from the tree in any country. I am here for it! I will take feeling like the nosy neighbor who got caught and couldn't keep her findings to herself. I felt like the towns gossip! lol. A wonderful read that I could not put down.

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