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The book "Think Smart Not Hard: 52 Key Principles to Success" and Happiness by Roy pleasantly surprised me with the amount of good advice. Everyone who needs motivation and advice to correct their bad habits is this book for him. It's not just about health, though it has some tips, in this book, the author speaks about the correction of thinking that we all have. Even the author of the book is not, to change everything overnight, but to make small steps to its goal. I liked most of the advice, some I knew already, but it's always good to know something new. The book liked me because the author talked about his personal experiences and false, and how he repaired them. Throughout the book, the author himself speaks about his personal experiences and defects, and how he corrected them. There are many books he gives as an example to improve some ways of thinking and habit. This is a book to be read because we are all slaves to our habits, which are sometimes not good. These bad habits often take our ideas that we would like to do and throw them into an unrealized dream. With this book perhaps the readers find a way in which even impossible things can be achieved. I would recommend the book to all lovers of self-help books.

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