This Is Not a Werewolf Story – Sandra Evans

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I first picked This is not a Werewolf Story up because of its cover. I saw it at Tumblr and immediately felt in love with it. It was sweet, curious and beautiful - and it had werewolf splattered over it. I was even more smitten when I picked it up with my own two hands - One of my best friends had bought it to me and added another layer of love to it.

Then I read it.

And my heart was so happy it could barely stay in my chest.

This is a story about Raul. Raul spends his weekdays at One Of Our Kind Boarding School and his weekends, which he had to spend at home with his father, at White Deer Woods. Raul's happy about this. There's magic in the woods. There's also someone else he loves there.

Raul's the narrator, and this is only the first beautiful thing about this book. Raul's not the kind of person who talks a lot, but when he writes he's the most poetic child in the world. And the funniest. And the most kind. I read some parts out loud and I could hear the smiles in my voice echoing Raul's. He's kind when he takes care of the younger kids (specially Sparrow, his favorite), when he talks about them or about his crush, Mary Anne, or when he talks about the magic in the woods. Raul's brave, even if he doesn't believe it himself. Raul's also strong and caring and beautiful and, honestly, I've loved this boy since the first page and I feel like I'll love him for the rest of my life.

Raul befriends Vincent, the new kid who could have a secret just like him, and learns that his PE teacher, Tuffman, the one everyone fears and hates and, honestly, is just the most awful person in the world (How dare him do what he did to Raul and the kids), has secrets of his own. Raul lives with Dean Swift, a man of science and magic, and Cook Patsy and Ms. Tern, the wonderful mother figures at the boarding school. Raul also lives with White Wolf and the german shepherd Bobo.

I loved this book so much I didn't even care that I had figured out most of the main issues before I had reached the middle. Seeing Raul putting the pieces together and going through everything he went was more than enough. This is a child's book, after all, full of surprises and twists that I could have picked, but someone else might have not. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again - The writing here is so beautiful it makes up for anything.

This Is Not a Werewolf Story is a bittersweet, heartwarming and moving tale about love, magic and the early teenage phase and, honestly, I hope, one day, I'll be able to read it to my kids and my friends' kids. Also, please, someone hire me to translate it to Brazilian Portuguese. And give us other books. I'm sure I'll love them just as much.

Ps.: I'm putting this book under my werewolf category but this is not, in fact, a werewolf story. This is a shapeshifter story. This is a story about wolves and cougars and orcas and eagles and ravens and, above all, about a brave, caring kid.

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