training in tenderness

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Training in Tenderness is an insightful, practical guidebook on how to soften the heart and be more in touch with the world around us. It is not one of those "We should sit around the campfire signing kumbaya" book; all fluff and no substance. It provides thoughtful, reasoned logic on the benefits to ourselves and others to take a softer, less self-centered, less confrontational approach to those we interact with; and haven't we all seen how life has become more spiteful, more disgruntled taking the other approach of being just worried about what's in it for me As the author, Dzigar Kongtrul writes: "If you make the tender heart your highest priority, your mind will feel more and more at ease, more and more in harmony with the world. You will find as you express more warmth towards others, they will express more warmth towards you." and can't we all do with a little more warmth and compassion So, I highly recommend this book to all and I hope all who read it put its advice to practice in their lives.

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