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"Transit" - book 2 - in the "Ouline Series", was so incredibly magnificent from the start -that by the first touch of my finger turning my ebook Kindle page to the next - still only 1% read - half way down the page my eyes were watering.

After I read these words ( after the 'already' eye catching - ears popping - very noticeable opening first sentence on the page before), these next set of words destroyed me, enlightened me, gifted me, putting me into an almost hypnotized trance space -- for most of the book. Especially yesterday - 65%% of it I read 'before' having a root canal.
The remainder part of the book - I read early this morning- savoring what I had left to read - but that 'trance' was lifted. I was back to 'normal' type reading. ( is there such a thing). Well- I wasn't having a type of out-of- body experience any longer. I was in my present day.
"She could sense - the email continued - that I had lost my way in life, that I sometimes struggled to find meaning in my present circumstances and to feel hope for what was to come; she felt a strong connection between us and while she couldn't explain the feeling, she knew too that some things ought to defy explanation".

Rachel Cusk's writing continued and continued to be so exquisite, I almost couldn't contain it. And it was as though through osmosis, I 'knew' the narrator - Faye- was going to tell us a story about A GUY! Sure enough, the first story was about an ex- boyfriend she walked out on years ago - oh - it's about much more than that - but that's enough without spoiling the story itself.

While reading Rachel's MAGNIFICENT WRITING - GUT PIERCING BEAUTIFUL - past -memories were rapidly displaying themselves on the invisible theater screen in front of me. People - places - things which I haven't thought about in years came flying by - faster and faster. I couldn't hold onto them. I was on the verge of tears - often re- reading sentences from Rachel's book - while the slide show of my life kept flashing photos, feelings, memories.

There was Art..... The psychologist from New Jersey. We lived together in Oakland for two years. He was great. He's still great. On the night of our engagement party at a Chinese Restaurant in San Francisco with our family all attending - I came home from my afternoon job in Berkeley, " The Pant House", across from Sproul Plaza from UC Berkeley ( my part time job while going to school), - gave him about $200. worth of guys clothes with my 40% discount - ( bought a lot of clothes) - and gave him my engagement - to marry - ring back to him. I said.... "I'm sorry, I can't". I'm sooo sorry". JUST LIKE THAT....I walked away.

Other memories- many different types -kept coming ...
And not to worry - there was more completion to the Art story.... but not for years. Today he is married - still a therapist - has adult kids - still a wonderful guy. We have a little connection still today.

The FLOOD of memories kept coming. Bluebirds/ camp fire girls in grammar school -sweetest friends - then leaving them ( moving away)....more loss.

Patterns of bolting in my younger years. Those fears of getting hurt, left, created intimacy issues for me for awhile - until I did some growing -healing - as many of us have had to do- especially those who came from broken families- (death in mine at a young age - etc.).
Rachel taps into all issues below the surface. She's not only a talented writer but very aware of the human conditions: profoundly.

Ron....My boyfriend in 8th grade. We spent 3 hours each night on the phone together. Ron is still my friend today. But at some point in the school cafeteria- I took his ring off ( that was around my neck), walked up to 'the boys' table and threw it at him - in front of all his friends.
Years later he told me he deserved it.
We're still friends today. But so many memories of leaving - loss - surfaced. Luckily I didn't 'feel' the pain this time around - More I studied them - observed them. Was it Rachel's intention for us to look at our own stories when she wrote this I have no idea. I also have no idea how other readers will react. I only can report what happened to me.

More 'run-away' memories from every guy I kept 'running from' kept flashing in front of me. It wasn't a proud moment. But I didn't beat myself up over it any longer. Rather I just noticed I don't run anymore. I also will hang in to solve problems with anyone today if they are willing.

Other memories - of feeling lost on campus in college came back- confused - in a bad space with the Vietnam war going on. I was a straight arrow ex-cheerleader/gymnast, ( still a virgin), who didn't know how to 'be'.

Lots of memories of my two very close girlfriends Renee and Lisi since junior high.
Years and years of activities- friends- so many I love with all my heart - silly times - quiet times -regretful times - ongoing and ongoing....then moved through marriage- children - my years with Paul - Katy and Ali ( who got married this month)...
My sister temple - local community - aging - Goodreads - present day

"Transit" reads like linked stories - conversations - observations and interactions. Past memories - changes facing them and accepting them- and current life.....
The depth of Rachel's stories reaches down into a space inside us - layers deeper than we usually go on a normal day - but she does something specular: it's possible she invites readers look at their BEST SELVES .... their most honest - vulnerable self.

Remarkable- and meaningful..... Transit was deeply personal ......
It's, love, breakups, marriage, children, Home Renovation ( one of my favorite stories, as I saw symbolism), writing conference, oh....and a funny story in a beauty parlor.

Obviously, as you can see, I found this book emotionally affecting!

I was going to begin "Kudos", today.....but since I'm still recovering from yesterday's root canal enjoyment, I'm going to listen to one of my Audiobooks in the yard instead.
But I'll read Rachel's next book soon

Tea time over too!
Blessings & love to the Goodreads community & my friends.

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