Travels with Charley in Search of America

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Audiobook.... narrated by the wonderful Gary Sinise

Wow!!!! Okay..... I am fully satisfied!!!!!
This book calmed the anxiousness of my mind, and really moved me!

While listening to Gary Sinise read John Steinbeck's book...(Gary's voice was a perfect match for Steinbeck),
I was aware of how grateful this 'book-companion', was warming my heart....
[thanks to our Public library/overdrive].
It was just what I needed!

Steinbeck's cross-country-road-trip-companion-[his loyal-French-immigrant- poodle] was named *Charley*.
Steinbeck & Charley set out to reconnect with people from all walks of life in America....
during the 1960's.
Steinbeck never used his real name so he could be an ordinary old chum ( without any 'aw'-concerns to deal with).

Given Steinbeck wrote many books about America- he was ready to explore more intimately. What better way to experience the country than with a faithful dog and a reliable working RV

Honestly- traveling in an RV has never been my desire-but with days like these-
it's sounds rather nice!
Also, having visited the Steinbeck museum and his house, in Salinas several times, I can easily visualize the truck, photos, and paraphernalia displays from his journey adventures.

It's been 4 weeks of house-bound for those of us living in the SFBay area-longer and short times for others across the globe- (due to the social distancing coronavirus lifestyle), and a Nationwide road trip touched on the freedom than I can 'almost' remember!
I was happy to travel with Steinbeck on his adventures across America. ( and dream a little myself).

What was so fascinating to me was reading about this great author's awareness of needing to replenish his own 'America-appreciation-tank'.
I mean - isn't that something many of us American's are itching to do ourselves these days Refill our American-appreciation-tanks

Steinbeck was one of the greatest American authors.
His writing was masterful and eloquent.
"Travels With Charley in Search of America.... crossing state lines...was absolutely witty & wonderful...
...fabulous descriptions & imagery from New York to California and back again.....
....unforgettable charming funny and grumping characters!
The dialogue was hilarious at times -
It was also heartbreaking when faced with racial issues in the South.

While hibernating here at home in my own little world .... during these tempestuous - and down right scary unsettling times, I was reminded that we 'are' UNITED states.

Steinbeck said it clearly:
"I admire all nations and hate all governments".

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