Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts – Kate Racculia

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Apart from the fact I was not enamoured by the title of this novel, I adored this wildly entertaining read from Kate Racculia, that teems and overflows with literary and cultural references to horror, the gothic, the spooky, ghosts, haunted houses, and witches whilst touching on the serious issues of loss and grief, set in Boston. 33 year old goth, the acerbic Tuesday Mooney is the sister Wednesday Addams never had, a self contained loner with her cat, with just one friend, the gay banker, Poindexter, aka 'Dex'. In her head, the ghost of her best friend, 16 year old friend, Abby Hobbes, who disappeared in Salem, is constantly engaging with her. It was with Abby that Tuesday went on night time forays with candles, revelling in their identity as witches, practicing spells, using ouija boards and so much more. When Abby went missing, Tuesday was left broken and guilt ridden, but her interest in horror, ghosts and death has remained, although she has been left with an inbuilt fear of becoming close to others, and an inability to trust.

The offbeat Tuesday was brought up by her unconventional parents with the radical dogma that permeated her childhood, that the 4th pig lived off the grid, which is why the wolf never bothered him. Which is why it is slightly ironic that it is online where Tuesday feels most at home, using her gift for finding out things, much like a PI, working at the Boston General Hospital, she profiles and researches rich Bostonians for the fundraisers to be able to push the right buttons to secure donations for the hospital. Which is how she comes to be volunteering at the The Four Seasons Hotel Auction, where the eccentric billionaire, Vincent Pryce (who else), renowned collector of the weird and the haunted, dies in dramatic fashion. However, Pryce has not finished with the living world, in a obituary written by himself he instigates a city wide treasure hunt with clues inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. However, beware, nothing is as it seems as Tuesday and her cohorts, Dex, the rich Nathaniel Arches whom she finds herself strangely drawn to, and the young Dorry, harbouring her own loss, tutored by Tuesday, are to discover.

Racculia writes a scintillatingly vibrant story of adventure, the supernatural, family, love, friendship, of the blackest of villainy, death and life altering challenges that beguiles with its colour, vitality and charm. The highlights for me are its quirkiest characters, Tuesday, of course, Dex, drag queen extraordinaire with his love of karaoke and Madonna, Dorry who so wants Amelia Earhart's haunted goggles, believing that she will once again be able to see her mother again, and Edgar, hurting with all that he is keeping secret and so many others. This may not be a book for all readers, but it was for me, I loved it, and its core theme and focus on the life you live, it just might be what you are looking for too. Highly recommended. Many thanks to HarperCollins for an ARC.

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