Two If by Sea

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I love Jacquelyn Mitchard's novels, and "Two If By Sea" is one of her best. The power in her prose is wondrous: "He looked up at the sky and thought of all the calls darting through the sea of radio waves tonight, swift as swallows-dutiful, hopeful, wistful, sad." And this: "the throaty insistence of the water," and lights "like a frill of fallen stars." Wow. Once you open a Mitchard novel, you know you're in the hands of a master.

Former police officer Frank Mercy loses everything in a heartbeat-his wife and child are swept away in a tsunami on Christmas Eve. Bereft and shattered, Frank's instincts lead him to join a volunteer rescue boat, and soon he saves a three-year-old child from a submerged car. Ian is no ordinary boy, however, and Frank unofficially adopts him and takes him home to America with him, where he discovers that Ian has hidden powers of healing and grace. But others are interested in the child's special abilities as well, and Frank must outwit them to keep Ian safe. Will corruption or love win out

"Two If By Sea" had me hooked from the gorgeous descriptions of nature's destructive powers to the redemptive themes of grief, hope, love and loss. This is an absolutely beautiful, engrossing tale. There's so much strength and soul in Mitchard's writing, it will sweep you away. Highly recommended.

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