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This is a fabulous guidebook that gives an overview of how patriarchy affects/infects the Western world, the history behind various movements to combat it, and how to move forward in the work of dismantling oppressive systems. It also does a great job of being intersectional, and doesn't shy away from celebrating the achievements of women of color, disabled women, and LGBT people (who are very often erased when discussing the history of feminism and activism in the US). It obviously isn't entirely comprehensive (there is a reason that universities offer entire degrees in Women/Gender Studies), but I would definitely recommend it for any person who is waking up to the ideas of patriarchy and systemic oppression and wants to do more, as this will help people understand the history and foundations of these systems in the US, and how to help going forward. It gives great ideas for how to do the personal work of rooting out internalized misogyny as well as the societal work of activism and building a better world.

My favorite quote in the book is from Shirley Chisholm in 1972 (the first black woman elected to Congress, and the first black woman to run for president in one of the two major political parties): "Your time is now, sisters... New goals and new priorities, not only for this country, but for all mankind must be set... We can do that by confronting people with their humanity and their own inhumanity - confronting them wherever we meet them, in the church, in the classroom, on the floor of the Congress and the state legislatures, in the bars, and on the streets."

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