US Politics in an Age of Uncertainty Essays on a New Reality

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I have waited my entire life for the Democratic Party to not only secure a win but to go ahead and push a progressive agenda once in office. True, the Republican Party has obviously sacrificed their ethics to gain power. And they are quick with the tax cuts and retro morality bills once they get in office. On the other hand, the Democrats seem to counter this with a fierce loyalty to the status quo and an unwillingness to try anything that might not play well for congress members in red states.
This book is a collection of insightful analyses from various socialist writers. They question the assumption that a voter against Trump must have necessarily been for Clinton. And they take liberal progressives to task for falling in line behind holding-action politics when politics-as-usual has allowed so many Americans to slide toward poverty. Are both parties to blame for the inequality to which trust in unfettered capitalism has led us
If you've been patiently waiting for our turn to come, maybe it's time to stop waiting in the Democratic Party. And, if you're anxious to push progress from within, this socialist critique of the 2016 Election and of the Democratic Party's failure to excite voters will give you food for thought and maybe some action items. I know I'm looking for not only change I can believe in but which actually happens.

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