Veiled in Smoke – Jocelyn Green

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I can't wait for you to meet my new friends Meg, Sylvie, and Stephen Townsend-owners of Corner Books & More. Yes, I know they are fictional characters, but I have walked through flames with these people! As you might expect, considering they are bookstore owners, the Townsend sisters have saturated their minds with good literature, so in reading their story you're likely to encounter some of your own literary friends-Alcott, Bunyan, Brontë, and Pyle to name a few. 

Meg and Sylvie are complex characters who grow immensely over the course of the story. Although they frequently hold opposing views, they also recognize how much they need one another and are usually quick to make amends. Many of their disagreements stem from the need to care for their father, who came home from the war a changed man. Soldier's heart is the term they use, but today we know it as PTSD. The way Green portrays this mental health condition, as well as the strain it places on families, was so touching it brought tears to my eyes. 

Veiled in Smoke is the first story I've read set against the backdrop of Chicago's Great Fire. I appreciate how the author portrayed major historical events through her characters. The facts came primarily through Chicago Tribune reporter, Nate Pierce, artist Meg Townsend filled in the sensory details, while Sylvie offered an example of the psychological toll the disaster precipitated. There's a ton of history between these covers and a mystery to boot! Sifting through the ashes as well as the clues was a satisfying experience.

If you love classic literature, you will feel connected to these characters. If you have a friend or family member serving in the military, this story will stir your heart. If you enjoy historical fiction that begs you to keep digging and discovering, Jocelyn Green is the author for you. Finally, if you enjoy a good mystery, Veiled in Smoke should not only be on your nightstand, it should move directly to the top of the stack!

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