Vitamins and Minerals – Z

Review From User :

This book was recommended to me by a man at Wild Oats in their supplement department as being one of the best resources for nutritional healing. I have used it for a number of reasons - thyroid issues, mononucleosis, fatiguqe, high cholesterol, high blood pressure... etc. for myself and my family. Most topics have 3-5 pages of information about what the issue is in medical terms, things that can be done to mitigate, improve, or in some cases alleviate the issue altogether. Supplements are suggested in categories such as "essential", "important", "helpful", and herbs, spices are also cited that might prove helpful. Diet recommendations are given on types of foods to include or to avoid. My family has found this book tremendously helpful. My husband came down with a severe case of Epstein-Barr a few years ago and he followed the recommendations given in the book with great results. The dr. was surprised how quickly he bounced back, and when the Dr. was told that we had added these supplements to my husband's diet he asked for them to consider recommending them to other people.

This is a book that I refer to regularly and hits almost every topic you could think of. It cites research, what specifically the supplements do to the body to help treat condition, etc. It is not meant to replace medical care, but to enhance it.

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