Voices of Powerful Women – Zoe Sallis

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OpI read this book in three short stints as I found it so interesting! Had the time, finishing it in one day would have been verypossible. I thought it was perfect to share today with you all on International Women's Day

The women featured in this book have some amazing stories, ideas, experiences and knowledge and share it so well in this structure, with the selected questions the author chose to use. The questions didn't come across as too literary or academic, which meant it was an interesting general read rather than feeling like you are studying something. It was good to have a section on what each women does and did, as some of the names I didn't recognize. Seeing some of these topics from different viewpoints was an eye opener and I really enjoyed it.

I love non fiction as well as fiction and if you are a fan I would definitely give this one a try as I found it fascinating.

I was gifted this book in return for an honest review

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