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Game on!

This is the first book (in a series of six) of "Scott Pilgrim" saga.

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Creator, writer and illustrator: Bryan Lee O'Malley


Um am I dreaming -- -- I'll leave you alone forever now.


My first contact with Scott Pilgrim's world was through the movie adaptation, that I wouldn't watch (at least not so soon as I did) if Mary Elizabeth Winstead (which I love) wouldn't be in the cast.

And I would lost a lot! Since that movie rules!

So bizarre, clever, exciting and funny! Am I dreaming This movie was just right for me!

I was watching it again last week (I have it in DVD and Bluray, and yes I am keeping both editions since the DVD has a magenta background in its cover, and the Bluray has a blue background in its cover, and if you know the most basic things about Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead's character) you well know that this is just wonderful and yes, I'd need a future format edition in a green background, dang it!).

So, I was watching once again the movie, and again I was thinking that I should read the original Canadian mangas (or are they comics Whatever, dudes) and

in the following weekend I went to the XVII International Book Fair (a yearly book event in my country (Costa Rica)) and in a stand, there was a set with all 6 books (actually there were two sets, but it sounds more epic saying that there was just one set!) (and even with a special discount due the fair), am I dreaming There it was just the right set of books waiting for me

take my money and give me that set!!!

And finally I am reading the epic saga.

By the way, I am sure, some of you, are wondering, and the movie adaptation covers the six books in the series, so nope, it's not like the first book is the movie, and you'd read other adventures in the other five books. Nope. The six books in the Canadian manga series are what you get in the movie (of course, you may expect some deeper detailing here and there, and different approaches to the scenes).


What kind of tea do you want

There's more than one kind of tea

The world of Scott Pilgrim (story's main character) is a wacky one where silly things like physics' laws aren't quite existing so you can have the maximum level of fun there

So, this is a looney world when dream state highways can be a casual talk, 23-years old boys don't know the basics of internet and e-mail (trust me, that's not normal), and losing fighting dudes can turn into coins

yes, you heard me. Deal it. Chew it. Move on.

Scott Pilgrim is a 23 years old dude, he lives in Toronto, Canada, he's between jobs and current bass player in a band, the Sex Bob-Omb (desperately trying to get a discographic contract). Scott has a roommate, Wallace Wells, gay, and Scott's voice of conscience. Scott's younger sister is Stacey Pilgrim and she's the other voice of conscience for Scott. Yep. You betcha that Scott needs all voices of conscience available.

By the way, the Sex Bob-Omb are: Stephen Stills (the talent, guitar player and leader of the band), Kim Pine (drums) and (Young) Neil Nordegraf (biggest Sex Bob-Omb's fan (until Knives Chau (keep reading) comes in)).

And at the beginning of the story, Scott just started to date a high schooler: Knives Chau, 17 years old, Chinese and in a Catholic school (yes, with uniform), so yeah, Scott has no shame, but technically that's not the problem, nope, life gets really complicated when Scott meets

Ramona Flowers.

Ramona Flowers, none disclosured age (in this first book) but clearly twenty-something, American, recently she moved to Canada, and she's the only delivery girl in Toronto's downtown area for Amazon.ca. She wears cool outfits and has magenta colored hair (later she'd changing the color to blue and later to green) and she travels in rollerblades. Gorgeous. Smart. Cool. Perfect. (It helps that beyond the basic manga appearance, I keep thinking in Mary Elizabeth Winstead's version). Oh, and she's the best living blanket ever in the history of mangas (and movies by the way). Oooh, yeah.

But if you think that complications are due Scott is so lame to start dating Ramona without officially breaking up with Knives, nope, that's not it

Oh, don't get me wrong, double dating (especially if one of them is an underage girl) is still a very douchebag thing to do (I like Scott, but men shouldn't do that to women (and viceversa)), but, nope, that's not the new complication factor introduced in Scott Pilgrim's life


You dated seven evil dudes

Not all at once!

Everybody has a past. It's impossible that you meet new people in your life without being certain that that new people have a past.

Scott has a past (that we all get to know in the following books in the series).

And Ramona has a past too.

The problem with Ramona's past is that it (literally) follows her and interferes with any chance for her of newer romantic relationships.

The League of Seven Evil Ex-boyfriends is a non-profit organization, homebased in America (but currently expanding to Canadian territory) with a single marketing goal: To destroy any newer boyfriend in Ramona Flowers' life.

Oh, and if you think that that was bad enough, nope, that's not the worst part

wait for it

keep waiting a little longer

the seven members of the League of Seven Evil Ex-boyfriends have super powers

yes, you heard (well, read actually) right

super powers!

I told you that physics' laws left the building for good!

In this first book, you'll meet Matthew Pattel, with mystical powers and decided to fight against Scott Pilgrim. But, even for an evil ex-boyfriend, Pattel is quite fair and he sent two letters, one per e-mail and one per snail mail (yes, people still do that! That's not something up in this wacky world), too bad that Scott found boring to read anything, even if they're death threat warnings!


Open your eyes up Maybe you'll see Scott Pilgrim's world!!!

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