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This beautifully chaotic book has taken me on a ride. A ride that has me feeling exhilarated and emotionally exhausted at the same time. Time stood still and when I emerged from my reading cocoon, I realized hours have passed. It's past my bed time-in my part of the world-and I can't sleep after reading this.

Emilia Bellini was promised to Luca Rossini when they were children. Once she came of age, they were to be married but Emilia fell in love with another. Her betrothal to Luca was broken which left him outraged. No one dares take anything away from Luca Rossini. He concocted a plan and enacted. Emilia Bellini was no his. Even though she hated him. Even though she rather kill him. Emilia belonging to him is the perfect punishment for her. She may hate him with every fibre of her being but her body sure does not. If making her body crave him will have her constantly thinking of him, then so be it. It's one step closer to making her fall in love with him.

I HATED LUCA! He was suck a f**KER. (Mind my language). So much in fact that I stop reading 3 chapters in and had to come back to it after a few days. I even contemplated giving up on the book. The hate I had for his character was that strong. But I am glad I did not give up. I decided to just bite the bullet and finish this book and My God! I freaking loved it. I couldn't stop reading. I was so consumed by this book. I still hated Luca though. His actions and words made it difficult not to. He was so mean and rude. There were only glimpses of a kind man. That was more chapters in then something changed. My feelings towards Luca started slowly changing. He was sweeter and a little bit more tender. His feelings for Emilia started showing. He did have his a**hole moments though but he did try to make it right. It was hard for him to change but he wanted to be a better man for Emilia. He always wanted to have a family with her but now he wanted to be the type of man that they look up to. He redeemed himself greatly. I love how his character grew. He became so playful and loving yet his domineering and possessive ways did not change which made him smoking hot!

Luca's family-especially his mother and brother-were unexpected. Their personalities were so different than his. They were always so sweet to Emilia and they were there for her. They looked out for her. Emilia's mother was a different story. I can understand her feelings towards Luca. What he did is inexcusable and unforgivable and I had a hard time coming to terms with it too. I didn't think I could get past it, but I did. It was because of his character development.

Emilia was always so strong and resilient. Even when she gave into him. She couldn't help it though-his orgasms were that good. But what I loved about her was that she didn't let him walk all over her. When his actions hurt her, she punished him her own way. She tried hard to hold onto the hate she felt towards him but he worked his way into her heart and became her everything. He proved to her that would do anything and everything to protect her and be with her.

I was surprised to see this book was based in the past. It didn't feel as though I was reading a book based in the 70's. I think I just forgot about that because of the copious amount of sex scenes in this book and gosh, there were many. This couple f**cked like rabbits. It made it a very hot book!

There is a warning before starting this book about Luca. People should heed it. This book might not be for everyone but I ended up loving it-and him-so much. Definitely won't be getting over this book and forgetting about it.

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