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This book is outstanding. I nearly gave up on it after being somewhat unimpressed by the first chapter or two, but I'm very glad I kept with it.

Bodian is a good writer, but not the most poetic one. If you're a stickler for style and elegance, you will not be blown away here, but neither should you be disappointed. Just bear with him when he uses the occasional computer metaphor, OK

Everyone's journey is different, so I can only say that for me personally, the points Bodian raised ring very true. It was reassuring to read him criticize New Age spirituality throughout the book; a part of me was worried it might contain a bunch of nonsense about "quantum consciousness" and suchlike. Whew.

"Wake Up Now" is written with sober honesty and a deep humility that make it refreshing to read. Additionally, there are exercises in every chapter to help bring hope the points being discussed.

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