Warship – Joshua Dalzelle

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I have been reading science fiction for over 40 years and 'Warship' by Joshua Dalzelle has to rank among some of the best in space warfare.
The characters are very well developed and you truly care what happens to them.
Granted this is science fiction, but the author has obviously spent a great amount of time working out the science for his universe. Much is based on current theories and it is written and explained very well. As a science geek, I look for that in the stories I read. Yes, there can be and are great stories that bypass the science to focus on other things, but when the science is used and explained, it needs to be done as well as Dalzelle has done here.
Not only is this a story of man's expansion throughout the universe, it is also a cautionary tale of probabilities. Just what or who else is out there and how will they react to us grabbing world after world
Jackson Wolfe is the Captain of the TCS Blue Jacket, DS-701. A Raptor-class destroyer, part of the Black Fleet. A fleet of aged ships in a time of peace.
Peace that is going to slip away in a dramatic fashion and Captain Wolfe and his crew will be the ones to confront the cause.
I am looking forward to reading the next two novels in the trilogy and am quite unhappy I don't have them at hand.

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