Wayside School Beneath the Clou – Louis Sachar

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The author's note of this book made me laugh. It's that funny, start to finish.

If you're worried that this book won't capture the spirit of the first three, or that it will feel outdated, rest assured on both counts. Wayside School has not been "updated" for 2020 - there's not a smartphone in sight, for instance - yet it still feels fresh. The kids are instantly recognizable and the jokes stick the landing.

Each of the books in the series has some sort of plot that loosely ties all its stories together. This one's villain is not an evil teacher but a sort of existential dread, the titular, ominously-named storm heading steadily toward the school, blotting out the sunlight, inducing bouts of anxiety and grumpiness. Vague as it is - no one seems to know exactly what the Cloud of Doom will do, just that the possibilities are endless and they're all bad - it's hard not to read it as a reflection of today's (figurative) climate. The kids may not understand exactly what this storm is, but they know enough to feel apprehensive. But at the end of the day they're okay, not because the storm never comes but because, like all kids, Mrs. Jewls' students are surprisingly resilient, innovative, and often maddeningly stubborn.

The master of of the Grade School Gothic subgenre has returned. Long live Wayside. Two dead rats way up.

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