Wedding Etiquette Hell The Bride’s Bible to Avoiding Everlasting Damnation

Review From User :

This book was the most entertaining etiquette book I read while planning my wedding, while still being useful. It is essentially written as a series of stories about unreasonable choices people made while planning weddings.

I laughed out loud repeatedly while reading this. It gave me several good ideas about what not to do, and for the most part offered excellent reasons as to why seemingly innocent requests may not go over well with others. Obviously, a large component of wedding planning is cultural, and not every idea the author pans would be unacceptable for every audience. However, a lot of the ideas she touched on made a lot of sense, and I appreciated the candor.

Mostly, it provided a good way to relax and relieve some tension during a very busy and potentially stressful period of my life. It is the only book I encountered during my engagement that I would seriously consider giving to a friend planning a wedding.

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