What Happens Now by Sophia Money-Coutts

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Cheerful, witty, heart-warming chick-lit. 'What Happens Now' will brighten your day.


Lil Bailey has the perfect first date with charming, handsome, attentive Max Rushbrooke. So when he invites her back to his place, she doesn't hesitate.

The next day she sees Max on TV, and realises she slept with a famous mountaineer and guide, who's in line to be a Viscount, and whose family is loaded.

The trouble is he's ignoring her texts. Lil's disappointed, but chalks it up to a memorable one-night stand.

Then she discovers she's pregnant.

She feels obligated to at least inform Max that he's going to be a father, but he's currently uncontactable - on an expedition, climbing one of the highest, unconquered mountains in Pakistan.

How will he react to her pregnancy And more importantly, will be want to be involved

Cheesy I know, but who doesn't love a light, feel good, happy ending romance from time to time, and this one delivered on all counts. 'What Happens Now' reminded me quite a bit of Beth O'Leary's, The Flatshare, and while I didn't love this one quite as much, it was a close.

I found Lil somewhat childish and naive for thirty-one, but her tendency to over share regarding every intimate aspect of her life certainly made for entertaining and amusing reading. She did have a serious side, especially as she contemplated the ramifications of possibly raising a baby alone, and all that it entailed, and over the course of the novel she definitely matured. I loved how supportive her family and friends were, and enjoyed the special bond she shared with her stepdad. Her interactions with the 5 year-olds at the exclusive private school she taught at were sweet and nurturing, and added another layer to the novel.

Warning, the sex scenes are graphic in detail, so if you're squeamish about that kind of thing you may want to skim read those parts. Lil also goes into great detail regarding her pregnancy, which wasn't entirely to my taste, but was conveyed in a comedic manner.

Relax and escape with 'What Happens Now' today.

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