What’s Yours Is Mine Against the Sharing Economy

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Here is a book that looks under the covers at what the "Sharing Economy" is and how it is causing undermining regulated businesses. This isn't a happy picture. The original ideals of sharing have been subverted by for-profit businesses. What used to be fair and for extra cash is now full time (or more) employment for those doing the work. The companies involved don't really care, that is what is most evident from the first sources. Everything is on the shoulders of either the service provider (i.e. driver or host) or the customer. The middle man just takes a cut and says don't bother me.

I do have to disclaim that I seek out contrarian views and this book fits that to a T. If you are looking at a well researched view into the Sharing Economy and what it is doing to people, pick up a copy and be enlightened.

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