when the air hits your brain

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Audiobook: memoir of a brain surgeon. Purchased as a 'daily special' ways back. I would have paid twice as much!!!!

We also are privy to the authors feelings, and moral concerns. The narrator's voice, Kirby Heyborne, felt so genuine. He was easy to be with -not an ounce of ego in his voice -- which allowed me to experience the greatness of Frank T. Vertosick Jr.

This story begins when Vertosick is a 3rd year medical resident. He didn't have this 'life-desire-or-goal' to become a brain surgeon. ---yet the tale of how that leap happens is interesting in itself.

The way we learn about this field of medicine- raw details- blending with superb storytelling--is what made listening to this audiobook so good. We begin to get an 'honest-to-goodness' overview into the culture of neurosurgery.

One woman was pregnant and had a brain tumor. -- It was gut wrenching story. A couple 'do' make your eyes water. Many of the patient cases were riveting. A couple of the 'inside' chats between doctors were frightening.

I learned about radio surgery--spine surgery- ( which are are growing in this country) - more specifics within the operating rooms - functional Nero surgery- electrical stimulating devices- recent advances - and new advances of surgery for Parkinson's disease.

NOTE: KGO - SF Bay Area radio host - Ron Owens - had brain surgery for Parkisons disease. They put an electrical stimulator inside his brain to help control symptoms such as shaking - and slowing down the progression of the disease itself. He shared with his viewers on the radio - before - during - and after his brain surgery. Great success story.

I WASN'T expecting the ending to this book. -- [the epilogue] -- oh my god....It was soooooo sad!!!!!

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