When You Find Out the World Is – Kelly Oxford

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Wow! Davina read another memoir! Shocking, much Not at all. You guys are probably sick of me reading all these memoirs, but guys, I honestly can't get enough!!! All this advice is changing my life and shaping who I am. I really loved this book. When I saw it in the library, I was like "whose Kelly Oxford" Cuz TBH I have never heard of her before. But I wanted to read the book because 1. She has really nice hair 2. The title was hilarious. I mean, we have all realized that the world is against us, so who can actually say they don't relate to this book And I wasn't disappointed. Kelly Oxford is hilarious!! Her writing style makes you cry from laughter, and it's super captivating. You won't be able to put it down. She has such great stories!! She shares all her life experiences and it's especially great when you can relate to them. I love the fact that she's from Edmonton, it's people like her that make me so proud to be Canadian because she is super honest about how Canada is, and I love it!! Like how the teachers in Canada are so caring and go that extra mile to make you feel loved. And how Canada is always so unbearably cold but that doesn't stop us from doing anything because "Canadians like to live life on the edge." Or how we are good at punching because we don't have guns :P. I also liked her chapter about the differences between puppies and kids and how they are not similar at all and her explanation on why women drink so much wine >_<. It was hilarious. Another chapter I liked was her whole chapter about rape and assault, in regards to comments Trump made and her famous twitter hashtag. I thought it was so sad to read about things that girls have gone through, and it shocks me that it happens so regularly. But I loved that Kelly stood up and voiced her opinion about it, because #It'sNotOk. It was just a perfect book. She covers a wide variety of topics, and you just really connect to this book and will be mesmerized by her tone.

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