Who Moved My Cheese – Spencer Johnson

Review From User :

Change or get run over !

A great many people have recommended this particular one to me; I did not read.
[Self discovering it from your collection I found out why. I simply had to put your name in the Recommendation Box, Pooja.]

We might be the most evolved species on the planet but sometimes we do over-process. Adapting and forecasting change lurking around the corner is mark of sheer greatness.

The best quote perhaps was curbing the wrong interpretations that might be drawn out : that you should try behaving in a new way in the same relationship. Do not change the person but innovate your habits. If you love your partner, let them know about it in a million different ways that change everyday.

Novelty is what keeps things moving.

The story is perfectly written and takes up one hour of your life but may just give you a knowledge of a lifetime. I can see these terms being recited to people in the company I work or the football teams I lead.

And I quote,

"Keep moving whilst riding a bicycle. Else you fall down."

Keep your senses sharp. Sniff the changes and scurry to action.

And of course, Be Worldclass like the very book itself.

Verdict : Spencer Johnson hits the bulls-eye in a 60 minute book.

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