Who We Were Before – Leah Mercer

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Two years after the death of their son Milo, Ed and Zoe have not been united in their grief. In fact they are poles apart and can barely stand to be in the same room at the same time. When Zoe's parents treat them to a weekend in Paris, will this be enough to draw them back together or will they end up even further apart They have spent the past two years floundering around in ever widening circles steadily moving away from each other and consistently failing to connect and communicate with each other and I loved the way the whole trip to Paris metaphorically reflected this.

It is a very deep read indeed, very introspective as the characters find the memories of their past relationship flooding back to haunt them. You get to know Ed and Zoe's most secret thoughts about their marriage and at times it is extremely moving reading. Neither of them are perfect but they do come across as very believable and real in their grief. We all deal with grief in different ways and this couple certainly do, yet I found I could understand how they had got to this point in their marriage. I felt I had got to know them inside out by the end of the book. They are characters you can empathise with although I did find myself going hot and cold with Ed throughout the read. There are times when I wanted to strangle him and others when I wanted to hug him.

There were a couple of Americanisms that crept into the book. A British woman would never call it a wallet (always a purse) and I don't know anyone who goes to a "mall". Apart from that, however, this was a fabulous read that really drew me in right to the end.

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