Worse Than You Think

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This is not the first book I read about the imbecile who presently occupies the White House. And I, of course, also watch the daily news. So I had thought that I was rather well informed about the disaster that has been unfolding ever since this man has been voted into office.

However, while reading the above book, I almost continuously felt like screaming: "It's Even Worse Than You Think! It's Even Worse Than You Think! IT's EVEN WORSE THAN YOU THINK!!!"

I found this thoroughly researched and well documented book a bit exhausting to read, for the simple reason that it gives an abundance of information without the entertaining factor of juicy stories and rumors as provided in the bestseller "Fire and Fury" or the sarcasm and gallows humor found in the (btw, highly recommendable) book "Everything Trump Touches Dies", by Republican (!) strategist Rick Wilson.

For anyone who wants to get the most reliable and extensive information about what has been happening to our country, "It's Even Worse Than You Think" is the book to read.

If you think that you simply can't stomach another non-fiction horror book telling about Trump and his frequently changing minions, please do me and yourself the favor to check out this book from the library and read, at least, the last chapter, titled "The Con Unravels".

So what can we all do to help America (and our whole planet) survive this disastrous presidency

First of all, we must stay informed. We cannot allow ourselves to stick our heads into the sand as ostriches do. So please keep watching the news, even if it causes you indigestion to see this man on tv spitting lies, insulting decent people, talking gibberish, and adulating himself.

Most importantly, we all must go out and vote. We also have to take great effort to get our like-minded but possibly sluggish neighbors, co-workers, friends, and relatives to go out and vote. We cannot miss out on a single vote.

And we have to try to open the eyes of undecided voters. (Trying to open the eyes of Trump supporters only makes sense when these have a certain level of intelligence.)

Beyond this, some of us can donate time and/or money to support a candidate who has a chance to defeat Trump in 2020.

And there are other ways to help get Trump voted out of office and Make America Great Again. Some of us can get active in local politics. Some of us can participate in peaceful demonstrations.

Each of us must do what he or she can do best. David Cay Johnston did what he could do best. He wrote eye-opening books, as, for instance, the above.

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