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Kelly McGonigal is a GENIUS ! I love this book, and look forward to her new book on Willpower. The poses are simple and helpful not only do relieve pain, but just to feel happy, relieved, radiant and stress-free. A book whose philosophy and movements I would recommend to all.

"According to the yoga tradition, the human system is not just body and mind but is also breath, wisdom, and joy. Breath is the life force that animates you; wisdom is your inner guide; joy is your connection to something bigger than yourself" (18).

"In the yogic model of body, mind, and spirit, wisdom is more about intuition and mindfulness than about knowledge or intellect. It is the ability to see through the habits of the mind -- including stress, disappointment, self-criticism, and worry -- that create suffering" (19).

"Yoga identifies joy -- a natural sense of well-being, gratitude, and peace -- as the deepest aspect of what it means to be human" (19).

"In the yogic view, joy is the closest to what you might call your true nature. It is not a fast-changing, fast-disappearing happiness that fluctuates according to your thoughts, mood, and present circumstances. In contrast, the ability to feel at peace with this moment is central to who you are (19)."

"Yoga teaches that five dimensions of human experience -- body, breath, mind, wisdom, and joy -- are deeply interconnected" (21).

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